Online Donation

Please read these instructions carefully before filling out the online donation form.

Choose the gift amount you wish to make from the list, any of these amounts can be set as either a one-time donation or as a monthly recurring gift.  If you wish to donate a different amount, choose "Other" and fill in your amount.

Once you have chosen a gift amount, use the drop-down list under "Designation" to choose where you wish this gift to go (either General or Endowment Fund).

Now click "Add Donation". You will be given an opportunity to select if this is a one-time gift or a monthly recurring gift. 

If this is a one-time gift, choose "One Time" and the total amount of your gift will be charged to your credit card or deducted from your debit account only one time.  If this is a monthly recurring gift, the total amount you selected will be billed to your credit card or deducted from your debit account each month. You can specify the beginning and ending dates for the monthly gifts to occur.


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